What is Generation Y?

Several generation classifications have been established by demographers based on prevalent characteristics demonstrated by the majority of people of each cohort. 

Generation Y is one of the major generation classifications and is known as the generation of technology. People of this generation are proven to be the most educated and knowledgeable individuals who are highly ambitious and excessively entrepreneurial. Being open to change and constantly seeking their next challenge, they tend to continuously create new opportunities to learn new skills which will enable them to grow on both a personal and professional level.

So, Who are we?

We, at Generation Y, cater for the needs of today's generation for continuous development and eagerness to utilize the best practices and most up-to-date techniques in their professions. 

We believe in the impact of sharing knowledge on professional progress; therefore, our courses were designed to provide you with the skill sets needed for obtaining internationally recognized certifications that will help you fast track your careers.


But not only do we provide you with the tools and skills, we also make sure you know how to implement them.

Our Clients & Trainees are from:

If you are an ambitious, confident person, seeking the next challenge in your professional development, join us in a unique journey to unlock your true potential!